We create exciting, eye catching and entertaining modeling photography images primarily for commercial purposes. Models are used to promote, advertise and market products such as clothing and accessories, lingerie, swim wear and beauty products. Our goal is to catch the attention of potential customers with the use of models so the products are highlighted, more attractive, and well promoted.


When you need models for promotional and marketing purposes we contact the talents from our modeling group, free lance models and modeling agencies.   Our team consists of many photographers/videographers who work in different styles. Support staff of photo/video editors, hair and makeup artists, and fashion designers work with photo stylists, lighting professionals and production assistants in order to achieve the best stills and visual images possible.

Modeling Types:




Professional services offer to Models and Actors are:


• Modeling Portfolios

• Model's Portfolio Videos

• Headshots

• Actor Portfolio Videos.


Here are the works that a model can get based on types:


• Fashion models promote clothing and apparel.

• High fashion models work with the famous fashion houses or designers.

• Editorial models only work for certain publications.

• Runway models work at fashion shows.

• Showroom models display clothing at fashion parties or boutiques.

• Commercial print models are photographed for magazines, newspapers, billboards and other print ad materials.

• Catalogue models are hired to appear in catalogues.

• Promotional models work in conventions or trade shows.

• Specialty models specialize one part of their body such as hands, legs, neck, hair or feet.

• Character models are used to portray ordinary people.

• Glamour modeling focuses more on the model than the actual product.