PROJAM Multimedia agency meets your needs for outstanding photography, video, print, design and web services by bringing together a team of creative and talented visual artists and graphic designers. Based in the San Francisco Bay area and in Houston, TX, we provide premium creative services to individuals, corporations, and organizations.


Our specialties include photography, video, print, and web services for special events or for ongoing needs, provided with creativity and artistry as well as attention to technical detail. As a team and individually, we are constantly practicing and honing our crafts in order to bring the best there is to offer to your project. PROJAM Multimedia is flexible and adaptable, with multiple artists and designers ready to work on your project. From portraits to conventions, no project is too small or too large.


Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your ideas and how PROJAM Multimedia can bring them to life!


Our goal is to benefit our customer by creating unique and original works based on your wants and needs. In order to meet that goal, we offer many different types of photography.

Genres:  Commercials, Modeling, wedding, events, portraiture, fine art, stock image



Video Production

Our videos create entertaining, exciting, compelling narratives for business or personal use. Our ability to tell a story through video creates impact in a presentation, as advertising material or to record an event.

Genres: Commercials, weddings, modeling and acting, special occasions and corporate events



Print and Design Services

Images for use in print catalogs, business cards, posters, and marketing as well as images for use online are a few examples of our design services. PROJAM Multimedia offers quality photograph prints, albums, customized items and enlargements.



Web Design

A website that works for its target market, and the trends of the audience is of critical importance for any entity. Business to business marketing as well as retail and entertainment websites are available. We know the priority of portraying a business in the best possible light, and work to create the image and brand you envision.




Models and acting talents are used as a medium for our multimedia services. We search and scout talents from our own photography and videography groups and club, as well as modeling and acting agencies. Our modeling and acting talents are trained into our methods through workshops and are encouraged to hone their skills to be at their best.




Our workshops are our training ground to polish and perfect skills. Continuing education takes place in the form of photo and video shoots, both outdoors and in studio. Lighting, editing, and modeling workshops with specific focus increase and advance skills to produce the finest possible work.

Portraiture, fine arts, landscape and other interesting subject matter is explored as a way for our team to continually grow and learn. If you are interested in pursuing your own skills in multimedia production, please contact us for workshop information.



Our Team

The team is the difference.  Professionals are from the San Francisco Bay area and from Houston, TX. Each and every one of us is passionate and hard working. We play on the strengths of each team member to give your work that amazing shine. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty to work hard in order to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our team member's professional and creative strengths include: Photography, Videography, Photo Editing, Directing, Designing, Writing, Makeup Artistry, Hair Stylists.